Medical Information & Raising Awareness

For your reference and information, details of different cancers, and medical terms and their meanings.

Medical Terminology

TumourAn abnormal growth of tissue.
OncologistA medical practitioner qualified to diagnose and treat tumours.
Haematologist A medical practitioner qualified in the study and treatment of blood.
HistologyThe microscopic study of tissue.
MetastasisThe spread of the tumour to other areas and body parts.
PalsyParalysis of the area.
ChemotherapyThe treatment of the tumour using drugs.
RadiotherapyThe treatment of the tumour using x-rays or radiation.
NG TubeNasogastric Tube - passed through the nose and oesophagus into the stomach to give food or medication.
PalliativeTreating of pain and symptoms without dealing with the cause or condition.
EACHEast Anglia Children’s Hospices.
Hickman lineIs a central venous line catheter which is a long flexible plastic tube inserted under the chest and into a large vein draining to he heart , it is used to give chemotherapy treatment and medication and can be used to obtain blood samples.
Peg tubePercutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, where a tube is passed into the stomach usually to assist with feeding.
Peg J tubeGastrostomy-jejunostomy tube is placed into the stomach but also the small intestine so you can feed straight into the small intestine , this tube has 2 ports one for the stomach one for the intestine.
BenignNot harmful does not invade surrounding tissue in most cases outcome is good.
MalignantA tumour that invades surrounding tissues capable of spreading.
CT ScanComputed Tomography - this gives detailed images of internal organs and produces cross section images.
MRIMagnetic Resonance imaging - uses magnets and radio waves to produce a detailed cross sectional image of organs bones and tissues used for tumours brains and spinal images in cancer patients.
First line treatmentThe initial treatment plan used to treat or effect the patients cancer.
Second line treatmentA treatment that is started when the first line treatment stops being effective.
CannulaA tube is placed in the vein to provide access used to give medications.
Nasojejunal tubeA tube placed into the nose down to jejunum (intestine) to feed.
TPNTotal Parenteral Nutrition is the feeding of nutritional products to a person intravenously, bypassing the usual process of eating and digestion.

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